Just Stems weekly flower box

Let our artisan florists create a gorgeous range of seasonal flowers for you to arrange at home - just the best flowers of the season, delivered ready for the weekend each week. You can dot them about in various vases or group a few together - you decide! From spring tulips to early summer peonies and stocks - the surprise is half the fun!

Every variety of flower has a different vase life - we aim to give you a variety each week. These are designed and chosen in advance to ensure the best price and quality for you.The reason Fleurs flowers have a good vase life is because many of our flowers are pre-ordered directly from the Grower. We will include artisan flowers rather than the more traditional super market bulk flowers. And remember , the trick with flowers is the cooler you keep them the longer they last!

You can order flowers for 4 weeks,10 weeks,25 weeks or ongoing. The cost is £25 per week complete (includes local delivery, labour,Vat,packaging and of course lovely flowers). Please see our delivery areas for local coverage for this service. Some people prefer to set up an ongoing monthly direct debit - please call the shop on 01403 252297 if this is preferred. We have also had requests for larger boxes which we can also arrange for you.

Don’t worry if you’re not in we’ll leave them in a safe place with flower food for you to add to the water .

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Just Stems   weekly flower box

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